Your Gift Supports our Mission of Providing Essential Services in our Community

Your donations help CarePartners Foundation preserve the availability of post-acute healthcare in Western North Carolina.

With your help, we focus on healthcare needs of those who receive care from CarePartners Health Services, particularly CarePartners Hospice.

We also make grants to community agencies working to improve the health and well-being of people in Western North Carolina.

CarePartners Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

“All gifts to CarePartners Foundation, large and small, join with others to create a community of support that is truly beautiful.”

Scott Buchanan, President & CEO

Your gift helps everyone receive Hospice care.

Kindness. Compassion. Caring. Gratitude.

These are some of the words most often used in the notes friends and family of Hospice patients send to CarePartners Foundation.

Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies usually pay for the costs of Hospice care. But many people are not covered by any of these policies, and sometimes these policies don't cover all the costs. Through your gifts, no one has ever turned away for lack of ability to pay.

Who are the people who need financial assistance for hospice care?

They typically range in age from 28 - 64 years – too young for Medicare and often “too rich” for Medicaid. They are people who have had the misfortune of premature, catastrophic illness and too few resources to sustain them. We believe everyone deserves compassionate care during life’s most difficult and important journey.

Thank you for making that possible here in Western North Carolina.



Stroke. Brain Injury. Spinal cord injury. Multiple trauma. Joint replacement. Neurological disorders. Amputation.

CarePartners Foundation is proud to support an inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital here in Western North Carolina, without which, families would have to travel hours to visit their loved ones in care.

Your gift helps these patients move from injury and illness toward a path of healing.

“CarePartners is always there at one's most urgent situation. Always professional and caring staff.”

Your donation opens the door to a safe and engaging environment

The CarePartners Adult Day program makes life safe and enjoyable for aging and impaired adults.

Being at home alone while a caregiver is at work or managing other responsibilities can be a lonely place. It can also be a dangerous place if there are conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, memory loss and disability. CarePartners Adult Day Services provides a safe, stimulating daytime environment for those who can no longer be safely left alone. Their families can enjoy peace of mind and a rest from the challenges of 24-hour caregiving knowing CarePartners has the services and expertise loved ones need.

Your donations support the Adult Day Scholarship Fund and provide other funding for Adult Day programs.

CarePartners Home Health services provide nursing, therapy, social work, and personal care to patients throughout our region.

Our experts care for patients in the comfort of their:

  • Homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes

Your donations help individuals through one of the most difficult times any of us face – the loss of loved ones.

Grief manifests itself in many different ways and the services listed below are provided by CarePartners Bereavement to help individuals process their loss in healthy ways with the support of others.

  • Individual grief counseling.
  • Grief education classes – a four-week program (day or evening) that offers insights and strategies on managing your grief.
  • Good Grief support groups – ongoing weekly meetings (day and evening), guided by a simple idea: the work of grief can be made lighter when we help others and let others help us.
  • Monthly newsletter – anyone in the U.S. can receive our newsletter, Grief’s Companion; just call to be added to our mailing or email list or read the latest issue on our website.
  • Semi-annual memorial services – a non-denominational program that honors those who have left our lives and acknowledges the loss we feel, with live original arrangements from our Music Therapy department.
  • Kids Path Bereavement Fund – individual grief counseling, group programs and sessions held at schools and our children’s bereavement center for children ages 5 to 17.

Thank you for your contributions that help CarePartners keep these services available to the bereaved.

CarePartners PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly)

CarePartners PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) is a program for people age 55 or older that need support to remain safely at home. It provides community-based care and services for people who might otherwise need a nursing home level of care.

A PACE program works to promote and sustain the independence of seniors and help those who want to live at home, stay at home.

CarePartners Foundation supports a Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic that fits patients for wheelchairs that match their physical abilities and lifestyles.

Our staff works with individuals to ensure that their specific needs and comforts are met. CarePartners guides patients through the process from beginning to end by helping with wheelchair suitability determination, wheelchair provider recommendations, adjustments, and equipment use training.

Comfort and mobility are vital to everyday life, and we are proud to be able to help our patients achieve this.

Every day, donations to the “You’re Special” Fund keep someone safely in their home.

“You’re Special” can assist CarePartners patients in crisis situations, and can help low-income patients pay for necessary items that are not covered by insurance, such as hip kits, grab bars, glucose test strips, medications, and tub transfer benches.

The “You’re Special” Fund is used only to pay for expenses that are not covered by any other source.

The Stewart Buchanan Memorial Fund and the Children’s Services Fund help children with special needs get the adaptive equipment and services they need.

Through the Stewart Buchanan Fund, children receive items such as:

  • Adaptive tricycles
  • Seating systems
  • Cranial helmets
  • Canes
  • Knee immobilizers
  • Dressing Aids